Network Security

Seamless networks through security optimization

With businesses relying on online platforms to power their daily operations, companies today are more prone to threats resulting from web browsing, email communication or even instant messaging than ever before.

But with Trinity Networx’s Network Security solution, you can be sure that everything that matters to your business is safeguarded with no loopholes.

Our proactive approach lets you effectively shield yourself from online threats and nuisances, keeping your business running.

Network Security from Trinity Networx includes:

  • Email/spam protection that keeps your inbox clean
  • Web filtering that prevents malware and online threats from seeping their way onto your computer
  • Scanning for Trojans to ensure that your servers are not running illegitimate services
  • Application analysis to identify any vulnerable versions of the apps running on your servers
  • Vulnerability tests to identify weak points in your network and implementation of solutions to strengthen them

Network security threats, if not taken care of, can be catastrophic for your system. Why leave room for that to happen?

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