Project Online

Keeping your projects organized, simplifying management

Project management can be hard to manage without the proper tools that effectively simplify tasks. This is where Trinity Networx’s Project Online solution comes in.

With Project Online from Trinity Networx, you can easily plan projects and collaborate from anywhere, changing the way you organize and manage business for the better.

Project Online gives you all the advantages of Office apps, out-of-the-box reports and Team Planner to identify problems before they can impact your schedule

Benefits of Trinity Networx’s Project Online include:

  • A quick and easy way to manage your projects
  • Task Path in a Gantt Chart which identifies tasks that are most critical to your project’s success
  • Project site creation in Office 365 or SharePoint allows easy file sharing within your team
  • Convenient delivery of project information to your team plus the receipt of amendments from anyone, anywhere
  • Real-time conversation through integration with Lync and Lync Online

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