SharePoint Online

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Trinity Networx’s SharePoint Online gives you easy file organization, sharing and collaboration like never before. From team websites and project management to business search engines, SharePoint Online has you covered.

With SharePoint Online from Trinity Networx, you’ll enjoy a solution that is packed with useful features and you’ll have the ability to customize your sites by changing the appearance and adding functionalities according to your needs.

SharePoint Online from Trinity Networx provides you with management and collaboration solutions that adapt to your business needs.

SharePoint MySites

Easily create sites

View and share Office docs

Benefits of SharePoint Online include:

  • Increased efficiency by connecting people with the information and resources they need
  • Offline synchronization capabilities for mobile users
  • Enhanced document management with revisions, editing and security-level settings
  • Improved user interface with enhanced views and menus that simplify navigation
  • Integration with productivity tools such as Word, Excel and other Microsoft programs
  • Convenient search capabilities that make finding documents quick and simple

What could SharePoint Online do for your business?

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