VoIP/Phone Solutions

Maximize telephony capabilities, minimize cost

A traditional telephone system is simply not enough to keep up with the complexity of today’s businesses. But with a VoIP system from Trinity Networx you can rest assured that all your telephony needs are covered - and at a fraction of the price when compared to your usual phone bill.

Trinity Networx’s VoIP system simply lets you do more with your telephone system while paying less. What more could you ask for?

Benefits of a VoIP system from Trinity Networx include:

  • Increased mobility and flexibility thanks to integration with software and programs such as email and virtual faxing
  • Increased productivity through advanced features that allow for multitasking and remote working
  • Enhanced telephony capabilities including video conferencing, virtual meetings, document attachment and call forwarding
  • Data integration with features such as caller ID and information display
  • Reduced telephony cost through free long-distance calls

No matter the size of your business, Trinity Networx has the right VoIP plan for you

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