Ann Cavener
Chief Customer Experience Officer (CCEO)

As the Chief Customer Experience Officer (CCEO) of Trinity Networx, Ann Cavener is pretty much doing what she has always done. She meets the requirements of both company staff and those who call for IT service. She is protective of the Lance and all the team because she sees it as part of her job description.

Ann knows she wasn’t hired because of her knowledge about technology and quite honestly, she used to be a little intimidated by tech. Yet, being surrounded by men who live and breathe technology makes it very easy for her to get answers when she needs them.

With offices in four different cities (Ontario, California; Salt Lake City, Utah; Boise, Idaho; and Scottsdale, Arizona;) the phones can often get very busy. Since most of the work done by the company team is out of the office, Ann is charged with keeping everything straight for each person wherever they are. Although her primary task is to answer the phones, it takes someone with the skills and genuine caring of Ann to meet all the expectations of everyone involved. She has learned to recognize when people are trying to reach Lance to just pitch their product or service and she will ask a lot of questions.

You’ll notice she shares the last name of the Chief Sales Officer Barry Cavener (CSO) and they have been together more than 25 years. They had their first child when she was 19. When she learned she was expecting, it was assumed by both of them she would stay home with the kids. She and Barry felt her role of parenting their kids (one girl, one boy) was the best place for her to be instead of getting a job outside the home.

She was the person who organized, supported, and provided for the needs of her family. In many ways, she was training for the role of CCEO as she cared for the multiple needs of others. You could find her baking a wedding cake, babysitting other people’s children, and/or doing whatever was needed by the people around her. Even when she was in the eighth grade, she showed how she cared for other people as a teacher’s assistant in the special needs class and a volunteer with the Special Olympics.

Even in the early days of their relationship, Ann hung around with Barry and the guys. All her life it was very natural for her to be surrounded with guy friends. Sure, she has plenty of girlfriends, but it just seemed easier for her to get along with guys. For a long time, she saw Barry as just another guy friend. Then he kissed her and everything changed.

When it comes to tech, she only used a computer for paying bills and sending an email occasionally to her grandma in Kentucky. She is grateful she didn’t have access to Google when she was pregnant and raising small children because all the information is enough to send young parents into a tailspin.

As CCEO for Trinity Networx, she really doesn’t need to be an expert on technology and she’s learned it’s not as scary as she originally thought it would be. She is often the “voice” of the company when anyone calls. Because she has a lifetime of taking care of the needs of others, she is committed to providing the same level of caring to all the people in the company and the people who call for service.