Barry Cavener
Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

Barry Cavener is a different kind of sales professional. Instead of trying to close the sale as quickly as possible, he will listen to you first. In fact, if the initial phone call goes well, he will want to visit your place of business. He recognizes not all organizations value a Mercedes Benz level MSP like TrintyNetworx, so his goal is to get to know you and your company well before he makes an offer to provide Managed Services to them.

As Chief Sales Officer (CSO,) he understands the TrinityNetworx way of doing business involves a long-term relationship where the client company is able to feel confident they have an outsourced IT partner who cares about their success. It’s not a numbers game for them. Instead, Barry scrutinizes every sales opportunity to determine if they are a match. “No Jerks Allowed” is just one of the guiding principles of the companies who are selected.

Of course, Barry and everyone at the company recognize we are humans and will get upset from time to time. We understand if you are frustrated. We will not tolerate you being a jerk. After all, we are committed to helping businesses prosper from technology and we can do our job better if we show respect for each other.

Before coming to TrinityNetworx, Barry met Lance when he the web guy for a megachurch and he was the graphic designer. Although he started in the bookstore shipping and receiving, his role grew over time. He learned the software needed to develop a cohesive message across all the aspects of the church programs. He also developed an eCommerce site for the bookstore, started a podcast, and ran the social media campaigns, among many other creative initiatives. He was recruited by a security company to be the Creative Director. Lance recognized Barry’s unique combination of skills and asked him to leading the sales department of his MSP.

On a personal level, Barry has many interests in a wide variety of areas. He is the one responsible for the plants in the office and will sometimes give a green plant arrangement to people as a gift. He picked up a guitar for the first time when he was 15 and has never lost his love of music. Traveling with a band and making the crowd happy is one of his big joys of life. It’s all a part of his personality. He likes to meet new people and find a way to bring them enjoyment.

You will notice he and the Chief Customer Experience Officer (CCEO) have the same last name. You will learn more about Ann Cavener and their family in her bio.

When asked about his most memorable professional experience, he tells the story of a large construction company who had complex needs not being met by their current IT provider. While it took several months, and the construction company went through three different controllers during the process, the plan outlined in the original discovery meeting was accepted. The decision was particularly gratifying because the intricate engineering required for the company was a perfect demonstration of the Mercedes-level quality of Trinity Networx.