President’s Message

During the last 15 years since the founding of Trinity Networx, my appreciation for our clients and future customers has continued to grow. Waking up in the morning to know I get to talk with you about your business, your team, your family, and every other subject families talk about makes my day.

That’s right. I said family.

While other IT companies may focus on business and clients, they often fall short when it comes to caring about the most crucial aspect of business. To me, and everyone at Trinity Networx, building a relationship is more important than the financial numbers. Our clients know we will celebrate their achievements and grieve when something happens. This type of family relationship tears down the walls and allows the partnership between us to flourish.

Any MSP can claim to fix your computers, networks, and even “secure” them. However, Trinity Networx is NOT just “any company.” In my 37 years in the industry, I have learned to place the needs of our clients first. Sure, we have the expertise and ability, and we go the extra mile to develop and deliver services to meet every need of our clients.

It begins with an established in-depth sales Discovery Phase and is carried through to our client Onboarding Process. This process, although time-consuming, ensures you have the technology in place for your business. Everything we recommend is focused on developing your business, not ours.

I want your business to be nimble. To thrive.

This means utilizing services for increased productivity, like VoIP, Office 365, disaster resiliency, and other cloud services. With your business utilizing the cloud a remote worker can be as productive as one sitting next to you in your office.

Remember no company is perfect and error-free. What we promise is we are transparent, accountable, and have your best interests as the foundation of our success.

I look forward to the opportunity to talk with you and earn your trust every day; one service ticket at a time.

Welcome to the family!