Have Bad IT Installations Cost Your Southern California Business Time AND Money?

Has your Southern California business suffered from a poor installation in the past? Improper design and implementation of a new system can lead to costly downtime and expensive reworking.

Network Design and Implementation

To ensure that your next IT system installation goes as planned, choose Trinity Networx, LLC to oversee the entire process. We are proud to provide the experience and certification to design, build, and install your network system. We offer a service that is cost effective, quick to respond, and flexible in tackling even the most challenging IT system installations.

Design & Set Up

Ensure that your IT infrastructure is working properly right from the start. Through strategic planning and careful execution, Trinity Networx, LLC installs your new IT network with as little downtime for configuration and set up as possible. Our preliminary installation services include:

  • Network Design and Configuration
  • Deployment of Network Servers and PCs
  • Cabling and Wiring Engineering

Maintenance & Optimization

Once your network has been installed, you want to be sure it will continue to work after the technicians have left! Trinity Networx, LLC ensures optimal use of your new network long after installation with the following support services:

  • Network Upgrades, including Servers
  • Server Optimization, including Windows and Linux/Unix.
  • Workstation Upgrade and Deployment Services
  • Project Management and Implementation

Trinity Networx, LLC has the expertise, resources, and experience to handle any new network installation, so don’t bother with limited services, or multiple vendors for one task. Trinity Networx, LLC can see to all your Southern California business’ installation needs through a single service, so get in touch with us today at (951) 479-1727 or press the Contact Us NOW button below for more information.

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