My company was with the same IT firm for approximately 20 years and I found that we had out grown the provider’s skill sets. As the President and CEO of a company employing in excess of 15,000 individuals on a yearly basis, it was extremely important that when I made the decision to move to another IT support firm, I found an owner that understood what was involved in this new change. We act as our clients Human Resource department and with 65 staff members at various remote off site locations providing management reports to our clients on a daily basis, making new employee hires, terminations and processing payroll among many other functions, we needed IT support that was paramount to our business 24/7 because of the integrity of our systems operations and data security. I feared this decision could have a potential negative impact and could have been very disastrous to my business. Fortunately, I found moving forward to be quite the opposite experience and I wish I would have moved much sooner! From the onset of negotiations, implementation and onboarding, I found Lance and his team extremely conscientious, on time, and professional. The attentiveness and ongoing support through Trinity Networx Managed Service Total Care Plan has been effective and timely and I am finding Lance to be a good partner in making suggestions of how to better protect my equipment, data, and how to do this in a cost effective manner. I would be happy to answer any questions anyone may have about Trinity Networx.

David Zahler
President and CEO