By being under the Trinity Networx umbrella, you will always receive great quality customer service, because they go above and beyond when it comes to troubleshooting an issue. I can gladly say, they have taken care of many issues I have come across. Trinity Networx understands the meaning of business dollars and how important it is to maintain your computer so it can run smoothly. I can only reflect in my past experience while working for the county of Los Angeles. Even though we had I.T. working under the same building, the urgency wasn’t there which was a shame! Having someone outside the network provided 10x’s better customer service and that is why I am very confident you will enjoy Trinity Networx. Hopefully there will be 10 more real stories of businesses and their star services reps who go the extra mile for their customer’s satisfaction. I hope as to what I wrote makes it easier to choose Trinity.

HR Director