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Solve IT problems fast with our world-class IT support

Say goodbye to never-available IT support. With a 99% uptime guarantee, lightning-fast responses and issue resolution, it's no wonder why 95% of our clients happily stick with us month after month. Need expert IT support services you can always rely on?

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Feeling the pain of unreliable IT providers?

Have you ever tried to contact your IT guy but couldn't reach them? It's like being stuck on an island with no one answering your calls for help. Maybe you feel ignored by your outsourced IT support provider but you're hesitant to switch due to past bad experiences. We get it!

We've had businesses like yours come to us with the same concerns. The pain of dealing with an unreachable IT support company? The frustration of a contract that feels confining? The worry that your needs are being ignored? These experiences can be costly for your business.


You deserve an IT partner that takes you seriously...

Growing your business becomes a challenge when persistent IT problems and unreliable business IT support are in the way. Is your company poised for growth but bogged down by tech issues? We understand!

If you're in search of a managed IT support partner that doesn't merely fix issues but actively foresees and addresses them, paving the way for your growth, then look no further. We're here for you!


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our promise

We'll go the extra mile to keep your business up and running smoothly...


Uptime Guarantee

When IT fails, things go wrong. Our proactive measures ensure this doesn't have to happen

< 20-min

Response Times

We prioritize business continuity – operations shouldn't have to stop when issues arise


Helpdesk and Support

We're here to resolve your issues, even beyond working hours – because we care


We offer IT support services with a personal touch...

At Trinity Networx, we're not your typical IT team. Picture us as a close-knit group that combines top-notch IT expertise with a personal approach. With over 50 years of combined experience, we offer expert solutions. But what makes us different? We're here to answer your call – every time.

From our CEO to our tech staff, we're eager to support you and make sure you're never left in the dark. Our uniqueness is in our team approach. When one of our experts is on a case, all of us are, ensuring quick and efficient resolutions.

Born in Southern California, we saw businesses struggle with IT. We joined the industry not to make a quick buck, but to redefine managed IT support services. Guided by our core values of excellence, innovation and genuine care, we aim to offer IT solutions with a personal touch. Our commitment? Leveraging our unique skills to provide you with the best service possible.


Hear from our amazing customers...

Our clients constantly attest to the speed, efficiency and reliability with which we resolve their IT issues. Does this sound like what you're looking for?

“Fast response and fixed my problem in under 10 minutes!“

Hayuru Rios
Staffing Agency

“It was so fast and done!! That in itself is awesome!!“

Lee Ammons

“Danny is very professional and responsive.“

James Waite
Electrical Contractor

“The response time was very quick and they were in constant communication until the problem was resolved.“

Danny Sanchez

“Done quickly and allowed me to get back to work. thanks!“

Edgar Payan
Staffing Agency

“The wonderful staff at Trinity got right on our problem and fixed it. We received a follow up phone call to let us know the problem was fixed. We appreciate all that the Trinity employees do for us. Thank you.“

Linda Bartman
Law Firm

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Elevate your tech experience with our exclusive guide, "Simple IT, the Trinity Way". It is a playbook into how we can serve your tech needs, increase your productivity and foster tech bliss within your business. Discover the power of simplified IT management and seize the opportunity to revolutionize the way your business thrives in the digital age.

Whether you're in need of managed IT services or simply looking to optimize your IT setup, this guide offers a roadmap to maximizing our solutions, tailored just for you. Don't miss out—download now and embark on a journey to unlock the full potential of your technology.

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