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We want to know about you too.

Many come to our website because they were told we do business differently. Some of you have been referred to us directly. You should know we don’t work with everybody who comes to us. More often than not, we are not a good match for a company’s needs, expectations, or budget. We say no more than we say yes.

When we accept new clients it is because we, together with the client, have determined we are an exact match to their business goals. Once a new client is selected, we go to work and become an integral part of the company success. You’ll learn more about how we do this under Onboarding New Clients.

From the inception of Trinity Networx led by Lance Reichenberger, his team has followed a different business model. The way we serve our clients is based on “doing what’s right” for the client.

Lance had been working as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for a multi-state company. He felt led to leave this prestigious, well paid position to pursue something he felt was more important. It was a bold move because there is often a conflict between profitability for the IT provider and a service that is best for the client. His former company often went into a “gray area” of ethics in providing technology service. This is the most common way to do business as an MSP (Managed Service Provider.)

Remembering this scripture: “For God did not give us a spirit of cowardice, but rather of a spirit of power and of love and of self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7, he began Trinity Networx at the beginning of the historic recession in 2008. He felt compelled to seek greater knowledge of his leadership roles using a Godly perspective. He was certain his faith would build a new kind of MSP.

At Trinity Networx, we recognize the importance of technology solutions to our clients. Even though SMB’s are more than 40% of the U.S. economy, most are fragile economically and subject to failure. Making the right decisions about how to leverage technology for the company growth is essential. The options are endless and often confusing. We always promise to be a part of a company’s success, rather than someone providing tech solutions at a price.

We become invested in our clients and promise to make recommendations based on our decades of experience and exceptional IT skills. As a company culture, we strongly believe in serving our clients as if we were part of their company…because we are. We may not have a financial interest in the company, but we do have a vested interest in other ways. Our bottom line is always…

If it is not right for our clients, it’s not right for Trinity Networx.

In a world where service providers are claiming customer loyalty is over, our clients remain with us for years and recommend us to their closest friends and colleagues. When other providers find it intoxicating to multiply their reach with robo-calls and other automation technology, we have developed a company culture where people seek us out and stay with us once they come onboard.

Our way of doing business goes back to all the things that mattered to us before the internet. It’s about a human connection and caring for the people (and companies) we serve. Trinity Networx offers our client companies the highest qualified and knowledgeable staff in the world of technology. We use more than 80 years’ experience in technology to help in any way we can, whether it pertains to IT or not.

We have an extensive Discovery Phase to determine if we are the right provider for a new client company. The selection process starts when we talk on the phone the first time. We research and dive into the company to see how we can impact the company outcomes.  We want to know the software you’re currently using, why you are using it, and what problems you’re having. We will ask you to tell us what parts of technology your employees hate and why. We ask you to tell us what you are doing now in outsourced IT services.

After the Discovery Phase interview by phone, we go meet you in your place of business. We tour your facility and take mental snapshots of what’s going on. With your permission, we’ll drop in a computer and run some programs to gain more information from your current technology systems. It amounts to being a mini-audit of your network. We find where there are risks, problems, and inefficiencies.

Before we ask you to sign an agreement with us, we give you a report presenting all the areas where your technology needs improvement. This report becomes a blueprint of sorts for improving your technology and removing risks. We see the items on this report  as little “red bombs” threatening your operation. We also show the good stuff in the report. At the end of this analysis, we hand the report to you and explain the report is for you to keep. You can pick any MSP you want to use to implement the blueprint.

If you don’t like us, we are fine with your decision. We will encourage you to give the MSP you prefer the blueprint because it clearly outlines what needs to be fixed from our standpoint. We will even refer you to an MSP we think might be a match. Our team represents the greatest innovative thinkers in the industry and we will be transparent from the beginning. We disrupt the decades-old business models of an MSP and only work with client companies who value the high level of service we provide.

Part of the reason why we don’t go for high-volume, low cost services is we respect our team. Each team member has been carefully selected and trained. We don’t want to subject our team members to companies who prefer a repetitive, high-turnover, and salesy approach to technology services.

  • We are a Value Driven Company and seek to work with customers who have an inordinate drive to succeed. We will become a humble and active partner in the process of your success.
  • Our goal is to build a Premium Service for each individual client with a customized budget for technology improvements over time. We take the troubling issues of technology off your plate and establish common goals for your success.
  • Your priorities are translated into meaningful efficiencies of technology. We imagine your feelings and fears and identify how tech can help you reach your goals.
  • Together we create a strategic plan based on your priorities. We subscribe to the philosophy that leadership is a two-way street. We want to render ourselves worthy of your esteem.
  • Our success is not a dollar figure on a P&L. Success to us is the comradery with you and all the companies we serve. Success is about the relationships we build together. We exist to help people and we live by our commitments.
  • The fruit of these values is our customers not only succeed; they also make profit and thrive by using the appropriate technology at the right time.
  • A divergent range of industries and types of companies become our clients. What each have in common is idealism, leadership, and great vision. We enlarge your Genius with the technological solutions you need. This allows you to boldly pursue your biggest dreams without the often cumbersome issues of technology.
  • We take pride in seeing our clients grow profits beyond their expectations. We know business leaders like you were born for better things than seemed likely or even possible before you found a technology partner. We help people like you develop every one of your talents to its fullest.