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Trinity Networx: Where heartfelt support meets tech mastery

Say goodbye to the "set and forget" IT providers who lock you in with contracts and disappear when you need them. We care, and prove it by being there for you right when you need us! Want to have a chat?


Customer Retention

Our first customers have continued with us, a proof of how dependable we are!


First-Response Resolution Rate

We provide quick resolution to ensure IT issues never hinder your business.

50+ years

Combined Experience

We've been at this for many decades, we understand the many nuances of IT support.


Putting ethics at the forefront of IT support

Trinity Networx was born from a desire to solve the "set and forget" culture in the world of small business IT support. Over the years, SMBs have been stuck with IT providers that care more about making a quick buck than about their needs. While working as the Chief Technology Officer of a multi-state company, Lance (our founder) observed this first hand...

Uncomfortable with the industry's ethical gray areas and the lack of personalized care and genuine partnership, Lance decided to leave his well-paying job. Remembering this scripture: “For God did not give us a spirit of cowardice, but rather of a spirit of power and of love and of self-discipline” (2 Timothy 1:7), he founded Trinity Networx at the beginning of the 2008 recession—to become the difference.

He was confident that his faith would help create a more ethical and client-focused IT support service company. And that's how we got here. The most exciting part is that this isn't something we're just saying—it's how our clients feel about the quality of IT support for small business we provide. More than just another vendor, we function as part of your internal team because we are!

What sets us apart...

Access to our full team of experts

We have an open-door policy, which means all our clients have full access to our senior engineers and executive staff as needed. We resolve issues as a team, combining our expertise and experience to provide you with IT support service you can always count on.

24/7 emergency support

We offer 24/7 small business IT support for all forms of emergency situations. That means, we will pick your call and resolve your issues even beyond working hours. We care about your business enough that we are willing to go the extra mile to keep it up and running smoothly.

LEt's HANDLE IT for you

Your business success is our top priority!

With us, you'll never be just another client. Our team takes an all-hands-on-deck approach, ensuring your issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

As a Microsoft GOLD partner and with a CEO that holds a PhD in Organizational Leadership, we are fully equipped with the expertise and resources necessary to transform your business IT.

Imagine having access to senior engineers and executives whenever you need them, ensuring that no challenge is insurmountable. That's the advantage we bring to you!

Core values

The Trinity Networx code

Our mission is to provide world-class IT solutions focusing on value, integrity, and SERVING our clients in the most efficient way—utilizing our given gifts and talents. More than a creed, these are the standards we hold one another to.

Excellence in the ordinary

We believe that true excellence lies in the mundane. It's about accomplishing ordinary tasks with an extraordinary level of dedication and precision. We don't just aim to get the job done; we strive to do it with the utmost quality and finesse.

We shoot our sacred cows

We're not bound by tradition or past methods. If a process or approach doesn't hold up to scrutiny and logic, we are not afraid to abandon it in favor of innovation and efficiency. We actively encourage our team to constantly re-evaluate and optimize our strategies.

100% crusade mentality

Our team is united by a fervent belief in our mission. We foster a work environment where everyone is passionate about the work they do. If a member is not fully invested in our mission, we believe it's best for them to move on to a venture that ignites their passion.

No blaming, only solutions

Whenever a problem or negative situation arises, our immediate focus is on finding solutions rather than assigning blame. We cultivate a proactive mindset, encouraging our team to think, "What can I do to solve this?" rather than pointing fingers.

Gossip-free zone

At Trinity Networx, we maintain a professional and respectful environment by firmly discouraging gossip. We believe that open communication and mutual respect are vital in fostering a harmonious and productive workplace.

No fear here

Fear has no place in our decision-making process. We encourage our team to approach challenges with confidence and optimism, rather than letting fear dictate our actions. This allows us to take bold steps forward and innovate without restrictions.

It's not about us

Our goal here is to serve others excellently. Period. We pride ourselves in providing you-focused IT solutions, rather than shoe-horning you into blanket services. We believe that our success is measured by the success and satisfaction of our clients, and we aim to exceed your expectations at every opportunity.

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