Wanna Work at Trinity Networx?

Trinity Networx is about our clients. It’s about helping companies overcome their technical fears and troubles of cost, value and integrity to ensure they are productive and not have to worry about their IT Systems. We are a group of energetic, motivated crusaders who love what we do. We are on a mission to change the technology field and are looking for other like-minded, high quality people to join us.

We offer exciting opportunities that will challenge your abilities, expand your skills and reward your contributions. We are passionate about fostering both personal and professional growth for all.

Job Description

As a Managed Service Provider we live and breathe technology. Not because of choice but because we have to. We support many small to medium business and all have their own unique nuances and operating systems that will stretch your knowledge and the capacity of your IT skills. Each day is different and you WILL be challenged every day. You will be part of a very integrated team that uses many systems and processes to ensure that we are delivering world-class technology experiences for all of our clients while adhering to our stringent Service Level Agreements (SLA’s). You will interact (SERVE) with internal team members, clients (current and prospects), vendors, and who ever else it takes deliver world-class technology support. We have demanding leadership who WILL provide you with the tools to succeed.

Catching people doing things right. Setting the course. Building trust. Holding yourself and the team accountable. When things go awry (and they will) addressing the issue, owning it, drawing out what we can learn from it, and moving on. Empowering others and delegating to them. Facilitating passionate discussions and constructive conflict. Setting you up to shine, to win, and to play to your strengths.


  • Motivated, outgoing, and serving team personality
  • 5+ Years in in role supporting more than 30 end users in a 2- or 3- help-desk level role
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Apple MAC and IoS experience and able to differentiate all the operating systems and their limitations
  • Windows Server 2003, 2008, and 2012 experience
  • Active Directory experience with user, computers and some group policy experience
  • Networking experience including understanding of layer 2/3 routing and firewall security
  • Phone and communication skills
  • Understanding and adhering to our mission and core values
  • Microsoft server, workstation or technology certifications
  • Comp-TIA
  • A+
  • Bachelors degree or greater

Who We DON’T Want Applying

Application developers disguising themselves as help desk technicians (we can, and will find you out), control freaks. Anyone who thinks because they own a computer and may have built one or two they are a help desk technician. Anyone looking for just j-o-b and a paycheck. Egomaniacs. Full-time gamers. Technicians with managerial experience with a desire to dictate decisions to the lowly masses. Those who are better at computer repair/troubleshooting than interacting with people. If you think you have all the answers but no one listens…this is NOT the sport for you.

Pushing the limits of technology is a part of the average work day. That means we expect our team members to push the envelope of their own skills as well. If you aren’t growing, you’re planting roots into your chair as the light from the screen transforms you into a toadstool…and well, who would want that?

Everyday we get to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Serving our clients one support ticket at time interjecting integrity, value and productivity back into their lives. Helping clients get through the hurdles that others cannot have determined or left a huge mess for them to figure out.

Our goal is to help position each team member in a role that plays to their strengths, that sets them up to shine…to win. Know yourself well enough to know what you do well, and just as importantly, what you don’t.

Our team openly collaborates to create remarkable client experiences that positively impacts lives. Everyone on the team is responsible for bringing new ideas, perspectives and solutions to the table. Starting with day one, we want you voice as part of the conversation. Collaboration does not equal position and pushing others off the ladder. Rather, collaboration has the ability to benefit your paycheck. Our aim is to serve each other, and our clients as well.

Life’s important, and we want you to have one (feel free to add that to the list of employee benefits)! That’s why we work 8-hour days with very few late nights. If normal is missing family events and pulling teeth to get time off–then weird sounds good.

If this fits you please submit your resume.