Lance Reichenberger

What I learned from Michael Oher

Lance Reichenberger
October 5, 2022

We all know Michael from the movie “The Blind Side” and his Super Bowl win with the Ravens and his pounding with the Panthers this year.  His story is unique, he did not let anything get in his way and with the intervention of Jesus Christ through the Touhy’s were able to “adopt” and provide love and support needed to thrive.

There are not many athletes that are able to be true role models, not only to younger up and coming athletes, the next NFL star, the clandestine upbringing hopefuls but to community and business leaders.  Michael Oher has that ability.  In fact, at one of my marketing team meetings Michael was present and discussed a part of his story with us.

Michael was not a big fan of the movie.  The film makers implemented some theatrical license and added more areas of entertainment than actual events.  In fact, he mentioned that his teammates tease him about the movie.

Michael is a God fearing and humble, qualities needed by athletes and people alike.

His character, humility and perseverance through the circumstances of his childhood prevailed and is a lesson to all that you can beat the odds.

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