Meet our CEO

Meet President / CEO Of Trinity Networx - Lance Reichenberger

Lance Reichenberger, a dedicated leader at Trinity Networx, brings a profound commitment to serving others that permeates every facet of his role within the company. With a foundation rooted in ethical business practices, Lance's journey began when he departed a previous role as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) due to concerns about profit-driven decisions at the expense of ethics. Thus, he founded Trinity Networx, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) with unwavering principles guided by his Christian faith.

Lance's early immersion in technology, starting at just 11 years old, paved the way for his extensive expertise in IT. His multifaceted background includes not only programming computers but also contributing to the medical field as an EMT and paramedic, solidifying his status as a medical technology expert. Lance's visionary leadership has steered Trinity Networx through economic challenges and the COVID pandemic, diversifying the company's reach across various industries, including medicine, law, construction, manufacturing, and steel.

His commitment to building a values-aligned team is evident in the rigorous selection process and a culture of continuous learning, emphasizing both technical expertise and interpersonal skills. Beyond his role at Trinity Networx, Lance is authoring a forthcoming book on servant leadership within the tech MSP industry and shares his insights with various industry groups. In his personal life, he remains deeply rooted in his faith, actively participating in his church community, and cherishing his role as a parent alongside his wife Carol while also enjoying travel adventures with family and friends.