Meet our CEO

Meet President / CEO Of Trinity Networx - Lance Reichenberger

Lance Reichenberger, a distinguished figure in the field of Organizational Leadership, serves as the guiding force behind Trinity Networx. His journey began in 2008, motivated by a desire to infuse Christian values into business practices. Lance, previously a Chief Technology Officer, felt a disconnect with his then-employer's profit-centric approach and ethical gray areas. This spurred him to establish Trinity Networx, a testament to his unwavering commitment to integrity and ethical business conduct.

With a background as a Senior Network Engineer for a trucking company, Lance balanced his time between his job and nurturing his fledgling company. His vision was clear: to create a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that operates on principles of ethics and accountability, a rare approach at the time.

Despite challenging economic conditions, including the 2008 financial crisis and the COVID pandemic, Lance's faith-driven resilience steered Trinity Networx through. His leadership extends beyond the IT sector, with involvement in diverse industries like medical, legal, construction, manufacturing, and logistics.

At Trinity Networx, team building is a deliberate process, emphasizing shared values and continuous learning. The team members, after a rigorous selection and probation period, immerse themselves in both technological expertise and personal development, reflecting Lance's belief in holistic growth.

Lance's role extends beyond company leadership; he is also an influential speaker, sharing insights on servant leadership in technology and other sectors. His upcoming book, "Servant Leadership – Success for the Tech MSP," encapsulates his philosophy and experience.

On a personal front, Lance is a family man, devoted to his wife Carol and their two children. He actively participates in community events and studies, furthering his education with a Juris Doctorate to specialize in technology and corporate law. Lance's life is a blend of professional excellence, spiritual commitment, and personal fulfillment, making him a unique and inspiring leader in the world of managed IT services.