Meet our COO

Danny Soto: Uniting Excellence as Trinity's Visionary COO

Danny Soto, Trinity's Chief Operations Officer (COO), possesses a remarkable dedication to exceeding expectations, a trait honed during his high school years as a U.S. Academic Decathlon competitor and a sports enthusiast. His natural organizational skills and strong work ethic are evident in his role, where he navigates the complex realm of technology upgrades and user support.

In an ever-changing software landscape, Danny and his team stand as trusted advisors, ensuring clients seamlessly adapt to new software while offering hands-on training when needed. His passion for computers ignited in 7th grade through gaming on his dad's computer, fostering a knack for troubleshooting and fixing issues. Beyond his tech prowess, Danny's global online gaming experiences have instilled empathy and patience, bridging cultural differences.

Married to Angela, whom he met in 10th grade, they cherish raising their children while balancing homeschooling with family support. In his leisure hours, Danny indulges in video games, displays an addiction to competition, and remains a fervent Lakers fan. What truly distinguishes Danny is his genuine approach to client relationships; he values personal interactions and believes in breaking bread, creating meaningful, enjoyable connections that extend far beyond the realm of IT services.