Meet our CSO

Meet Jesse Dorado: Trinity's CSO Passionate About Technology

Jesse Dorado, Trinity's Chief Service Officer (CSO), embodies a unique blend of passion for technology, a strong work ethic, and a commitment to customer service. His journey from being a basketball enthusiast in high school to falling in love with computers showcases his adaptability and dedication. Jesse's early experiences building and selling computers led him to explore Windows operating systems and develop proficiency in IT.

After working briefly at Samsung following high school, he discovered his true calling with the Trinity family. In his role as CSO, he thrives within the close-knit Trinity environment, finding inspiration in Lance's firm yet motivating leadership style. Jesse's drive to learn and grow, both in technology and leadership, sets him apart, and he brings a patient and empathetic approach to serving clients who may not share his tech enthusiasm.

With a disciplined daily routine, he values teamwork, schedules his passions, and embraces hobbies like juggling and playing the acoustic guitar, demonstrating his commitment to continuous self-improvement. Jesse's dedication to client satisfaction shines through in his willingness to adapt to individual preferences, such as providing alternative communication methods like texting for clients uncomfortable with email, exemplifying Trinity's unwavering commitment to meeting client needs.